Preferred application status

Who can apply for preferred status?

 Children from families who would normally qualify for free school lunch based on federal guidelines can apply for preferred application status. Preferred status does not guarantee enrollment.  On the online application you will be given the opportunity to select this preference group.  If you DO NOT qualify by the income guidelines listed on this page DO NOT SELECT this preference group.

All families that choose to apply with this preferred status will be required to provide proof of income prior to being enrolled. Any preferred application where income cannot be successfully verified prior to enrollment will be moved to the bottom of any waiting list if there is one.

What are the guidelines?

Your combined household income must fall below the incomes to qualify for free lunch per federal guidelines. The guidelines are listed below.

Household size                Combined Annual Income

               1                                                  $15,782 

               2                                                  $21,398

               3                                                  $27,014

               4                                                  $32,630

               5                                                  $38,246

               6                                                  $43,862

               7                                                  $49,478

               8                                                  $55,094

Why is there a preferred application status?

 Hobgood Charter School is committed to encouraging all scholars to apply regardless of parent's income, race or address. We were approved by the state of NC with the promise that we would make efforts enroll children from families who are economically disadvantaged. We believe that a quality education at can help break the cycle of poverty in  families in the communities that we serve.